Restore iPhoto library

Photos disappear from iPhoto library?
What to do to restore iPhoto library?

“My iPhoto library has gone blank. All photos of iPhoto library disappear. Trash is also blank. I have no backup of iPhoto library. Is there any way to restore iPhoto library back again?”.

This statement is not the problem with one or two iPhoto but approximately most of the user of iPhoto nowadays encounter with problem. iPhoto is consider as one of the best photo management application by APPLE inc. Whatever photo you add in iPhoto it store in a folder named iPhoto library. This is the place where all photos are managed and organized according to name, date and other option. This is the perfect tool for photo management.

But what if, whenever you encounter the problem when your iPhoto library get corrupted and you are getting problem in opening iPhoto application, photos stored in library get corrupted too. This means, it is total loss of your photo. If you have backup restore it back and if not THEN ?...........

Whether you are user of iPhoto ‘08, iPhoto ’09, iPhoto 6 or iPhoto 5 you are also one of the victim of such problem. If your iPhoto library gets corrupted or there is some error ion file structure then you can rebuild this to correct the problem. To rebuild there is option with you through iPhoto library manager. Rebuilding solves the issue like unreadable library, missing photos or other such issue related with reading iPhoto library structure. There are two ways to rebuild library -manual rebuild or through command. But rebuilding is also has some limitation like it won’t repair library, instead of that it just create brand new library and import entire contain to them. Other problem is, it doesn’t preserve metadata like album name, comments etc. There may be chances of duplicate file in iPhoto library. After importing you need to organize them and edit them once again.

This process will only works when there is problem in iPhoto library file structure but if you have accidentally deleted photos from iPhoto library or deleted iPhoto library itself then to recover iPhoto library you have to look for other option. For this iPhoto recovery software is the best option. It will easily recover deleted, lost, corrupted or damaged photo from iPhoto library or deleted, corrupted, lost iPhoto library itself.

It supports to restore iPhoto library which has been corrupted and unreadable without making any changes in library and photo stored in it. You will get them as they are before. It is compatible with Macintosh operating system. Easy to use this tool is professional one which is quite good enough to recover iPhoto library.

User Guide

Step One

Launch iPhoto Library Recovery Software

Step Two

Now select volume for recovery of deleted iphoto files

Step Three

Select file type

Step Four

Now Start Scan

Step Five

After scanning Softwrae recovers all deleted files including trashed one. From here restore files which you want at your specified location.