Easily fix iPhoto Unreadable File Error

Pictures are the most prized possession for every one as they are the only means of reliving the memorable moments of our lives. The most precious and memorable moments are captured which bring back memories of the past. These days iPhoto is extensively used to capture the beautiful moments of your life. It has a number of features that has made it a lovable gadget for many. It is capable of flawless photo management and can import pictures from digital cameras, CD, scanner and Internet.

However, sometimes you may become unable to import the images from the iPhoto library to the Mac OSX because of iPhoto Unreadable File Error. You may encounter an error message like the following:

“iPhoto Unreadable file Error”

The aforementioned error message appears when the file that you tried to import could not be recognized by the Mac or it does not contain any valid data. Because of the error a number of other unreadable files are displayed on the screen. The most common reasons for the occurrence of such a situation are given as follows:

  • Improper or abrupt system shutdown.
  • Virus infection.
  • Corruption of the iPhoto files.
  • Power failure.

To resolve the error you need to make sure whether the files are picture files and also make sure that none of them is damaged. If you try to import files that are not picture files or if they are damaged then the error is encountered. If you find that the files are in perfect condition and can be opened by other graphics application then it means that the hard disk does not have much free space. Free some hard disk space to get rid of the error.

However, you need to make sure that you do not delete an important file. If you delete an important file by mistake then restore it from the backup and if it is not available then you need to use reliable iPhoto library recovery software to fix the issue.