Remove Spinning Beach ball of Death in iPhoto

Have you encountered a situation when you tried to turn on your MacBook or other devices running on Mac OSX did not turn on and had the spinning beach ball of death on the screen? If yes, then you are in for some serious trouble and you need to fix the issue as soon as possible.

When the system is performing too many tasks simultaneously and you try to start an application or access an application like iPhoto then the spinning wait cursor called the spinning disk pointer starts spinning endlessly which can go up to a few minutes. If it takes too much time then it is an indication that the Mac system is busy in some processor intensive chore and you would encounter the error “iPhoto does not start - Spinning Beach Ball of Death.” When you click on the iPhoto icon, it does not start immediately and the spinning wait cursor starts spinning for quite a long time.

If you encounter the error in your iPhoto then it also means that the iPhoto has got corrupt which prohibits you from accessing the pictures stored in it. However, the major reasons for the occurrence of the error is that either you are running too many applications at the same time or the system is running any processor intensive applications and it does not have much free disk space or RAM.

This can give rise to situations when you can lose all the precious images that were stored in the iPhoto library. However, if you have kept a backup of the files, then you only need to install the application one more time and then restore the photos. However, if no recent backup is available, then you can rebuild the iPhoto library by making use of the Command and Alt keys while you launch iPhoto. If that too fails then, you can use efficient software for iPhoto recovery.