Recover images lost while sharing iPhoto library on network

IPhoto is a very useful application that is extensively used by people across the globe for managing their images and pictures and images efficiently. The application also allows of sharing the photos with the digital camera, scanners and internet. You can also share iPhoto library across network and share albums of your near and dear ones over the network. However, this is possible only when the user enables the read write access for the iPhoto Library on every user account.

Sharing iPhoto library on network enables multiple users to view and edit the iPhoto pictures. The steps given below need to be followed when transferring iPhoto Library to the external hard drive:

  • Connect the external drive to the system and turn the power on.
  • In the left hand side of the Finder window click the icon to highlight the “Get Info” icon.
  • Check the “Ignore Ownership on this Volume” box and then close the “Get Info” window.
  • From the ‘Finder’ window select “Home”. Open the Pictures folder.
  • Drag the iPhoto library to the left side of the Finder Window.
  • Hold the Option key to select the location of the iPhoto library.

To share iPhoto library over network through shared network volume your system should be network through Ethernet or the 100BaseT. Follow the steps given below to do so:

  • Open the host Mac open sharing preferences pane, click on Start.
  • Open the finder Window on each Mac.
  • Select the Network icon and then click on host Mac connect.
  • Fill in the username and the password.
  • Select the home directory to mount the volume.
  • Click on OK to find the network volume.
  • Select the Choose Library option to select the iPhoto Library folder by holding down the Option key.

However, if the iPhoto library is corrupt then you would not be able to share iphoto library across network and also lose accessibility to all the pictures. In such a situation you can recover all the photos with the help of efficient third party iPhoto library recovery software to ensure recovery of each and every image stored in the library.