How to restore iPhoto from time machine backup?

IPhoto library is an application designed and marketed by Apple Inc that can store thousands of your memorable pictures in a systematic order. However, sometimes due to certain reasons you may encounter a situation when you may lose all the images stored in it. In such a situation the time machine backup helps and you can restore iPhoto from time machine backup.

Time machine is an application that works with the Mac operating system and the external hard drive like the Time Capsule. You need to connect the drive, and assign it to Time machine and create a backup of the entire data stored on the iPhoto library as well as the entire data on the Mac such as system files, accounts, preferences, applications, pictures, music, movies and what not.

So the question that arises here is that how to restore iPhoto from time machine backup? Basically, it copies all the locally attached drives to a new folder that it creates. The folder is named as the current time and date. After this every hour it creates a folder with the folder’s name being the date and time at that point of time. However, it does not create a new folder but simply modifies the first one and only backs up those files and folders that have been newly created or modified.

To restore the pictures from the time machine backup you need to follow a few simple steps. Click on the Time Machine icon from the Dock or from the menu bar. Now select “Enter Time Machine”. You would find a mix of iPhoto and the Time Machine. Now navigate to the album and restore the data that you want. If the old photos have been overwritten then you need to go to iPhoto Library Manager and merge the old as well as the new ones in one single file.

However, if you fail to restore the files from the backup with the help of Time Machine then you need to restore it with the help of a third party iPhoto Library recovery software that can recover the files from the backup that is made.