Repair corrupted iPhoto library

iPhoto application has made easy way for photo management. It helps to organize photo in very simple way so that you will get them whenever you need. Apple iPhoto application stores photo in its library, whenever you add any photo in this application. iPhoto library is like a storage place for photo. It manages to store photo with different parameters like location, date etc. According to your convenience you can choose option to manage photo in library.

In that particular situation, you may find one of the following complexities with your iphoto library photos as such

  • They do not open & shows up as normal, usually accompanied by black or gray squares
  • Iphoto takes a long time to load the library
  • Crashing of the application when library is opened for clicking

To get back the folder in proper working order iphoto library repair has to be performed, most important among that is rebuild functionality provided in iphoto by default. With the help of rebuild function, as implied from its name library’s database can be rebuild. The process to be followed and the output obtained may vary for different versions of iphoto. Most importantly the extent to which it helps in repairing corrupt iphoto library is very much dependent upon the cause of the problem.

On of the most common problem a user is likely to come across at the time of rebuild for iphoto repair is associated with permissions for folders associated, particularly if content is turned off. As in that case iphoto is unable to read data for loading and functioning properly.

To fix corrupt iphoto library data stored from AlbumData.xml file has to be extracted and each and every step following it must be done with keen care and effort, including that of extracting and importing folders files back, though most of the metadata, organized albums and other information are lost, all that is worth if recovery of photos lost.

Still, there remains aside numerous situations in which rebuilding could not help to repair iphoto corruption issues and iphoto library recovery is required in all those instances so that iphoto repair is made possible. The program efficiently scans the library folder and fixes & restores all photos to a safe location.