Rebuild photo library iphoto and thumbnails

Apple’s iLife Suite comprises of iphoto which is one of the advanced photo management tool exclusively designed to work on Macintosh operating system. With iphoto importing photos, either it’s from digital camera/camcorder; scanners or whatsoever is relatively easy and very simply they can be sorted and organized on the basis of tags. It is counted as one of the robust program, yet all of us know that failures are just hard to be escaped from.

In different situations one or another complexity may arise in iphoto, this is the time you need to rebuild iphoto library, a process whereby library is recreated post fixing the issues encountered. There may come a time, in which photos from the library are found to be unreadable, or its thumbnails are missing and therefore the need of iphoto library rebuild in order to solve the problem and readily access files thereupon.

Fixing corrupt library is essential as this may lead to application crashes and the files rendered useless. Utilizing information from file AlbumData.xml and the iphoto library manager utility to build up, it is possible to get out of unusual circumstances.

Steps of rebuilding iphoto 08 library and the same applies to each iphoto version –

  • Iphoto library folder must be exited first of all
  • Now open iphoto and select the library to be repaired, and then from file menu select ‘rebuild library’ command
  • Also, you need to specify a location for storage of the files and with rebuilt work would be preceded by iphoto library manager, using the xml file data available.

In addition to these, having an iphoto library backup is ought necessary before any changes are made on to it or process of rebuild photo library iphoto is initiated. So that if any issues are met meanwhile, backup would help you regain folder as it was.

Once this has been done, it becomes possible to access rebuild iphoto thumbnails, if this is not the case, which happens if there exists damages in folder or it is incomplete, the attempt of fixing error this way fails.

Other alternatives, you may try in alike situation is that of using built-in rebuild function, library folder recovery or extracting the photo off the iphoto folder and re-importing it to a new file.