Move iPhoto library to a new location.

IPhoto, an application designed and marketed by Apple is one of the most convenient and easy to use application for managing and editing digital images. It stores the images in its library and acts as the repository for all digital images. It arranges all the digital images in such a manner that you can access them whenever you need. However, sometimes the iPhoto library manager gets corrupt and behaves abruptly. Moving iPhoto library to a new location can avoid permanent loss of all the pictures saved in the iPhoto library.

IPhoto library can get corrupt because of a number of reasons like formatting the hard drive or memory card accidentally or intentionally. You may also lose the images due to accidental deletion. When it gets corrupt, you cannot open the application or access the pictures stored in it. When the iPhoto gets corrupt because of some reason you may face problems like slowing down of the library to a great extent, photos not showing up properly or showing with grey or black squares, and iPhoto crashing up as soon as you launch the library. To recover the images you can use third party software for iPhoto library recovery. IPhoto library move can also help you restore the lost images.

To avoid permanently losing your precious pictures, you need to keep a backup of the images. Therefore, you need to move iPhoto library to a DVD or external hard disk. The iPhoto library is located in the Pictures folder. By default, it is located at ~/pictures/iPhoto library. It contains all the albums, slide shows, books, calendars, cards and much more that have been created using the iPhoto. To move the contents of the library to a new location you should follow the steps given below, however, make sure that you quit iPhoto if it is open or you are using it.

  • Open the pictures folder. Now drag the iPhoto library folder to a new location.
  • After holding down the option key on the keyboard open iPhoto. Continue holding down the option key until you are asked to create or choose an iPhoto library.
  • Click on Choose Library.
  • Locate where you moved the library and then select it.