Guidelines on how to lock album iPhoto

iPhoto library is an important iPhoto management application that helps one organize pictures and images in a systematic and organized way. The library is the place where all the pictures are stored which reminds one of the past. But sometimes there are certain pictures that we do not want everyone to see as they may be too precious for us. In such a case you can lock the lock album iPhoto and restrict unauthorized access to the images in particular and the iPhoto library in general.

One can share the iPhoto albums with ones near and dear ones but if you do not want any prying eyes to any of the images then you can lock album iPhoto with a password. For this purpose you need to lock the iPhoto album in the Preferences pane and lock the albums or even individual pictures.

One needs to follow the steps mentioned below to lock album iPhoto:

  • Click on the iPhoto icon and launch the program.
  • From the menu select iPhoto and then go to Preferences.
  • Click on the Sharing tab in the toolbar.
  • Check the checkbox beside Share My Photos. Select whether you want to share the entire library or whether you want any particular library.
  • Check the checkbox beside Require Password and then type the password that you want in the text box next to it.

However, sometimes while following the steps mentioned above one may experience certain unfavorable circumstances leading to the inaccessibility of all the images. If a valid and updated backup of the data is available then it is fine but if it is not available then you can recover the images with the help of an efficient and reliable third party iPhoto library recovery software that can recover the images efficiently without the loss of any.