Fix for the iphoto library is locked on a locked disk error message

No doubt iphoto is an advanced and reliable photo management utility, however there remains behind number of issues which are faced from time to time due to which there is high risk of loosing library stored pictures. Crashing of iphoto is the most common problems and this is not limited to any particular edition, even latest iphoto viz. 8.0 and 9.0 are likely to come across the issue.

As in one such situation, in which iphoto crashes unexpectedly due to which it has to be quit forcefully. In certain situations, starting the application after is helpful in sorting the problem, though not always. As instead of happening so, an error message is shown as “the iphoto library is locked on a locked disk or you do not have permissions to make changes to it. To which associates basic causes, that needs to be fixed in order to resolve the error this one and several others.

The error iphoto library is locked on a locked disk may display due to one of the following reason –

Library being attempted to open is in use over the network, either through file sharing or via other machine, time capsule, NAS drive or such others. Besides that you must also ensure that the library folder is not in access by other system of the network in iphoto.

Since, according to its set in rules of access, a library can open only one iphoto copy at a time. Therefore, the library must be closed before trying to access it one other systems.

If, along with locked error, you do not have sufficient permission to open library message is displayed that means – If you are opening any iphoto library folder you should have the privilege of writing to as well as reading from it. Also, it is necessary in all case whether you want to make changes in it or not, in other words write permission is mandatory, having only read only permission creates such issue.

Some of the ways you can opt for resolving the problem and having proper access to iphoto folder are as follows-

  • Storage of library on CD, DVD and other read only media including USB may be the cause of such difficulties. So, it has to copied on to hard drive where modification is possible, following this library copy can easily be transferred to iphoto library manager using ‘add library’ button.
  • If it shared over network, through whatever medium, you as a user necessarily require write privilege for access, it without getting across unusual error messages
  • In cases it is one internal hard drive, then the administrator need to assign write permission for its access or the library can be accessed by him only.

Above methods are quite helpful in resolving you do not have permission message as well as that of the iphoto library is locked. In cases other than that the library can either be rebuild using data present in albumdata.xml, also known as creating a new library. You may also go for deleted iphoto library recovery done with the help of iphoto recovery software.