How to create iPhoto slideshow and share with other devices

The iPhoto library is a widely used photo manipulation program that is used by people all over the world because of its features and functionalities. It is also capable of creating slideshows with the effects and the music. It is also capable of iPhoto slideshow export but not until to follow some steps.

iPhoto slideshows are easily created but these also have the limitation of running on only iPhoto. By following the steps mentioned below you can create an iPhoto slideshow and go for iPhoto slideshow export and share it with other devices. For creating the slideshow in iPhoto:

  • Select all the pictures that you want in the slideshow and then click on the + button that is there at the bottom left of the window.
  • Select slideshow. You can also reorder the images according to your choice.
  • Choose any theme for the slideshow.
  • From the iTunes library choose any music that can accompany the slideshow.

These steps would create the slideshow on your iPhoto. Now you need to convert it to movie so that it can be shared with other devices. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Select the slideshow. In the Menu Bar, go to File/ Export.
  • Now you can choose small or medium or large for the slideshow. If Large is chosen, it would look the best but it would also take the maximum time in iphoto slideshow export.
  • Now export the slideshows.
  • Open the file with QuickTime.

This QuickTime slideshow can now be put on a disc, taken into the iMovie or simply import it to iDVD so that you can play it on all types of standard DVD players. However, while following the steps mentioned above for the iphoto slideshow export one needs to be very careful and any mistake can make all the images stored in the iPhoto library inaccessible. However, if you make use of an efficient and reliable third party iPhoto library recovery software then you can recover the lost and inaccessible images efficiently.