Resolution for iphoto photos missing & iphoto library empty issues

Iphoto included in iLife suite is an advanced and easy to use photo management utility that saves the photos in library folder. Though the functionalities of the very application is quite sophisticated issue do occur unknowingly, which ultimately cost their valuable photos. In this context several issues have been reported by users in which iphoto photos missing i.e. photos are missing from iphoto library. The pictures which have been imported to the library previously either could be located or are in inaccessible form. This may be the issue with all of group of files imported at a time. Also this happens irrespective of the library size, and the size is indicated in properties option though none of them could be accessed, while the album continues to work as usual.

As per different messages encountered, iphoto library empty or shows there are no items to display with albums intact, instead of having library of size around several GB or so.

This is the time in which rebuilding library and repairing permission on boot drive is hardly helpful in resolving erroneous situation acknowledged. Also, fixing corrupt library is not that easy and finding the actual problem concerned is more difficult. That is why a backup of iphoto library is ought to be great importance. Other that that, on encountering issue of iphoto photos missing following are the workouts to be tried –

Recreating iphoto library folder- particularly since this crop out due to database corruption issue & other associated files while the stored pictures remain untouched. This is why it is possible to recreate the library with the use of original library folder.

  1. Close the application and place the photo folder on say desktop
  2. By right clicking library select show package contents and then open the original folder
  3. After this iphoto is to be opened and the new library created upon this
  4. Photos can then be brought to the opened new iphoto window

Most of the library metadata information, ratings and keywords are not retrieved; still the photos can be accessed instead what is was as iphoto library empty.

Failure of the above process or if complete restore is needed iphoto recovery application is to be used. It resolves error received and restore iphoto library photos in equally efficient and easy manner.