About iphoto library folder and iphoto library location

Photos imported to iphoto and all those created albums, slideshows, cards and other library information are saved in one iphoto library folder. While an action like that of, importing photos or so is performed, iphoto organizes all those within the folder while keeping track of these details. In addition to it, numbers of data files are created by iphoto for specific photos, all of which is saved in the same folder. Entire details about organization of photos in albums with it associated title; keyword, ratings and any other detail specified are present in iphoto library location.

From Iphoto 7 and onwards, folder has been replaced with package, due to which it could not be found from the finder and finding iphoto location at times seem difficult for people. For accessing library file, control click the application and then from contextual menu ‘show package contents’ is to be selected. However as per the default settings folder content is hidden from the user, all that needs to be used is main interface of the program. Unless, problem strikes in iphoto knowing location of iphoto library or accessing it rarely found.

Iphoto library folder location is inside pictures folder where albums, books, cards, calendar and several other information are saved. Also any sort of modification in these, either moving, deleting, accessing or renaming is not ought to be correct since it may lead to internal damage and loss of photo and files from there.

Some of the important files present in library folder –

Library.data, which may be known as library.iphoto, library.iphoto6 and likewise for different editions of iphoto and is the central database where is saved, photo and its metadata, album and others

Albumdata.xml – iphoto data in the form such that it can be accessed by iMovie and iDVD

Thumb32segment.data – contains photo thumbnails, being cached in files

iphoto.ipspot –spotlight uses this to index photos information and found in iphoto 5.0.2

iphotoLock.data- with this file only one iphoto copy could access the library at a time

com.apple.iphoto.plist- stores library preferences

So, changing iphoto library location involves expertise since if not done correctly may make the folder inaccessible and thus the photos lost. In order to change iphoto library location, steps to be followed are as follows –

  1. iPhoto should be quitted first of all
  2. iPhoto library folder is to be moved to desired new location
  3. Open iphoto and click the ‘choose library’ option
  4. From the new location the library is to be selected and open is clicked to access them

This is how library can easily be accessed however if at any point of time, any issue is encountered and you loose access to the files, iphoto library restore is to be done.