Resolve iPhoto library import problem successfully

IPhoto is a very useful application that stores all your memorable pictures and images into the iPhoto library folder. When the pictures are imported into the iPhoto, it stores all of them into this folder. However, sometimes there are problems in iphoto library import and the iPhoto Library Manager does not copy or merge the albums or libraries together.

The iPhoto library import problem is encountered when the iPhoto import Applescript command script does not work properly and there are problems hindering the proper functioning. The problems in the functioning of the command also results in problems in the proper functioning of many other apps like Safari and Mail which also use the command for the import of pictures into iPhoto.

To verify whether the Applescript is the cause of the error you can follow the steps given below:

Go to the Applescript folder in the Application folder and then open the Script Editor application. Now write the following command in the editor window:

tell application "iPhoto"


import from (choose file)

end tell

When you run this command a new dialog box will open from where you can choose an image file. Now if the image does not appear in the iPhoto library then it means that there is problem in the Applescript due to the Applescript bug.

The bug is the result of any problem with the Appleā€™s iLife installer when you tried to install a new version of iPhoto over the existing older version of iPhoto. The problem in caused in some iPhoto when the new version that you installed gets installed without deleting the previous version. To fix the issue you need to delete the app package before reinstallation is done. This makes sure that there are no files left of the older version.

However, this may also cause data loss situations as iphoto import is not done successfully. In such a situation iPhoto library recovery becomes essential which can be done with the help of an efficient and reliable third party iPhoto library recovery tool.