Fix iPhoto face recognition not working problems

There have been numerous instances encountered by iPhoto users worldwide that the iPhoto face detection database breaks and the faces fail to get recognized on new imported pictures. IPhoto faces not working is a very common problem and the face information is either lost or only partially working.

There are instances when you click on a name in the toolbar the photo comes in full view, now when you click the Add Missing Face button you can name many faces but when you go to corkboard there are no faces to be found as no images are saved. To fix the issue you need Faces to rescan the iPhoto library but with this you would also lose all the images stored in the library.

The most common reason for iPhoto face recognition not working is sharing the iPhoto Library amongst a number of users on a Mac. If you have arrived in such a situation then you are in for some serious disappointment because due to the problem you may lose the entire data stored in the iPhoto Library. However, the problem can also be the result of corruption in the application. There is also the good news that you can recover the images by resetting the database or with the help of third party tool.

To reset the face database one needs to delete the database files of the iPhoto and then create a new one. After doing this when you start iPhoto the database would be empty and you can add new ones. The first scan of the photos would take a while after which you can use the application flawlessly.

To recover the data lost from the iPhoto library you can use an efficient and reliable third party iPhoto library recovery software that can recover the entire data lost from the application.