How to rebuild iPhoto corrupt database and restore all images

There are many instances when you try to upgrade or migrate iPhoto to another version, the iPhoto database gets corrupt. IPhoto corrupt database is a very common problem faced by many iPhoto users and whenever they upgrade or migrate iPhoto to a later version the problem occurs which makes all the images missing. One cannot find their lovely images on the iPhoto although they were there still there.

The iPhoto corrupt database can be repaired with the help of a few simple steps and then make all the images accessible. Due to the corruption of the database when one opens the iPhoto application and finds that all the images are missing and you can access none of them. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Launch the iPhoto application and hold the option + command keys when you click the iPhoto icon or application.
  • The Rebuild Photo Library window is opened.
  • Check all the check boxes provided.
  • Click on Rebuild.
  • The upgrading or rebuilding the Thumbnails process would start now and would take some time. It would take more than a few minutes.
  • Now Rebuilding Thumbnail Caches would start.
  • After these steps the iPhoto library is completely restored.

However, if the iPhoto corrupt database is severely corrupt then the aforementioned steps would not help you restore all the images from the iPhoto library. This can be a very bad situation for the user as the iPhoto stores thousands of images that are very precious. In such a situation you can make use of an efficient and reliable third party iPhoto library recovery tool that can recover and restore all the images stored in the iPhoto application and get rid of all data inaccessibility issues. The software makes use of strong scanning algorithms that help to recover each and every image in its original form.