Fix iPhoto diet error

iPhoto is a utility that helps to recover space on the hard drive and allow fitting more images in the iPhoto library. It is a utility that reduces the size of the iPhoto library by eliminating all the duplicate pictures in the library that have been created internally or have been imported by the user. But sometimes the user may encounter the iPhoto diet error leading to problems for the user.

The iPhoto diet also removes backups of all the modified or rotated pictures and also removes the thumbnail pictures that have mixed up with the high resolution pictures. Using the utility also gives the advantage of using multiple iPhoto libraries and providing the basic library management feature like the switch and launch library. The utility can be run manually or can be configured in such a way so as to start scanning the library automatically at any given time.

But sometimes due to several reasons the iPhoto diet error appears. The occurrence of the error is an indication that the iPhoto application is providing wrong information about any picture which returns a non-existent path. Such a situation is encountered giving rise to the iPhoto diet error because of the corruption of the iPhoto library database or presence of bug in the iPhoto AppleScript database.

Due to this reason the iPhoto diet may get crashed or some other AppleScript error message may crop up much to the discomfort of the user. Due to all these reasons the entire data stored in the iPhoto library may become inaccessible and one may not be able to view any of the photos stored on the library. In such a situation one needs to use an efficient and reliable third party iPhoto library recovery tool that can recover each and every photo stored in the library in their original format.