Fix iphoto error unrecognized format and repair iphoto library

The photos stored in iphoto library folder usually comprises of JPEG formats of raw images. This could be known the very first time RAW image is edited in iphoto’s main window as that is the time entire raw badge flow appears. It is the time changes are being made in RAW image to comply with the edits. Here edition in raw photo and its conversion to jpeg format is simultaneously carried out.

Advanced functionalities of iphoto allow inclusion of different formats into the folder and thereon its export to a format completely different from what it originally was.

In certain situation while transferring raw image formats to iphoto, a message may be received as- iphoto error unrecognized format, followed by which the import activity is stopped and the need to fix iphoto library.

This usually happens owing to that fact that the image format that is being imported in not in JPEG and due to one or other ongoing issue that could not also be converted. However, this is essential so as to store photos in the library folder, particularly as RAW being a reference of digital negative format instead of working format could not function properly. This is the reason why even printing could not be done directly using those images.

Though the conversion of image to iphoto supported format goes on by itself, it could also be done following the steps described –

  1. From the iphoto folder locate the image whose format is to be changed
  2. From ‘share’ menu, click the export button
  3. Meanwhile ‘file export’ tab should be selected and then using ‘format’ drop down option, the new format is to be specified from the options available as JPG, PNG and TIFF
  4. Along with that, with the help of radio buttons, size for image conversion is to be selected. It can either be original of changed using ‘scale images’ upon which size for the picture is to be entered in pixels.
  5. After this has been done, export button is to be clicked and the location specified for storing exported images and then ok is pressed to continue the process.

In other cases, unrecognized format error may be the outcome of corruption in photos which ultimately corrupts the library folder or folder is itself corrupt. So in this situation to iphoto library repair is required. iphoto recovery software can efficiently take over the process to be followed to repair iphoto library. Iphoto repair library process involves scanning and analyzing the folders so as to extract photos with efficiency.