Fix for an error occurred while trying to save your photo library

iPhoto application is widely used by Mac OS X users to manage photos, as this along with photo management offers several other functions like that of importing and sharing images, which have become like more or less everyday activity for people. But, as it is known howsoever reliable an application may be, any problem say iphoto error, even arising once while can lead to irreparable damage and loss of customized data.

As in a particular situation, while using iphoto and saving images there in it may throw message as – “an error occurred while trying to save your photo library”.

This is usually accompanied by the message that ‘some recent changes may be lost. Make sure your hard disk has enough space and that iphoto is able to access the iphoto library. Also this happens irrespective of availability of required space in hard drive.

Upon this, basically it does not remain possible for to access the library folders, though in certain cases it may happen on restarting the application. But, most of the photo icons appear as blank, some missing and even the available ones could not be accessed.

Moreover it is not practical to get access to the files therein forcefully as such attempts may damage metadata structure and information of the library folder and cant even rebuild.

Provided the steps of rebuilding library are completed successfully utilizing data from albumdata.xml file iphoto error is fixed. Though it is not complete restore method since none of the book, slideshows and calendars you have created would remain therein. Yet your most precious photos could be regained.

However, if you want to restore iphoto library entirely, use of iphoto library recovery software is best available option. Moreover, this is easily possible since rebuild mechanism has nothing to do with previous library structure instead a new folder is created while, in which no changes are brought about in the original copy.

Iphoto library recovery does through scanning to extract and locate photos, along with all related information. This way you would succeed in resolving iphoto error, an error occurred while trying to save photo library and readily access folder data once again.