How to fix iphoto library error code 36 while copying folder?

Whichever device, application or system you use due to widespread uncertainties they may come across unexpected data loss situation and this is why having backup is ought to be necessary. If any time the data and files are deleted, is lost, missing or goes corrupt and inaccessible, it can easily be restored with the help of backed up data. Also for the very purpose time machine is included in the system that is automatically configured to take incremental backup at frequent interval so as to updated copy of system data. Other than this, system data and files can be backed up to external drive so as to reduce disk space by transferring the older photos to other location as backup. Taking the very example of iphoto, if the library folder has grown large enough in size users often try taking it backup to external drive and some of the cases are such that copying gives iphoto library error code 36.

In a particular instance copy of iphoto library folder to external drive leaves you with an error as-

“The finder cannot complete the operation because some data in “xxx.jpg” could not be read or written (error code -36)”

The error may crop up as a result of corruption of one or more jpg file stored in the library folder. Though manual deletion of all such photos which are damages can resolve the issue, but it simply is not a feasible solution as a lot of time would be required for detecting corrupt files and deleting is even more troublesome, particularly if those are really important for you.

  1. For resolving iphoto library error code 36, read-write permissions of the file needs to be verified, other way out is using application equipped in manipulating privileges of files.
  2. In addition to that the drive should be analyzed for bad sectors using disk utility
  3. Application associated issues, virus infection etc, do need to be checked as they may also arise corruption in the folder photos

iphoto library folder recovery analyses and scans the library folder to repair corrupt iphoto photo and accordingly restore all its files to another folder with the specified name. The scanning is read only and exhaustive in nature such that any sort of severe corruption could also be easily resolved. It is competent enough in restoring data on all mac OS X systems.