How to access library folder photos when iphoto library won’t open

iphoto despite of being an advanced and reliable application faces critical problems, which at times is difficult to be fixed and often leads to critical data loss situations. Most of all any such problem is not restricted to particular iphoto version of iphoto that means even on upgrading the application or using the most advanced versions does not mean that your organized photos is actually safe and would remain to be like that. Since it is quite possible for a user to come across a situation in which he finds that iphoto library won’t open.

Situation in which iphoto library will not open is numerous arising out of different reasons and lead to acute data inaccessibility scenario. The error message displayed during that time may be as-
You have made changes to your iphoto library using a newer version of iphoto. Please quit and use the latest version of iphoto. ‘
The iphoto library was created with an unreleased version of iphoto. Please quit and upgrade this library by opening it iphoto 4 and alike followed which access is restricted

In cases other that, iphoto application stands still at a grey/black window and seems to have crashed or freezed and this continues to be the case no matter howsoever tried on restarting and other attempts as such.

The cause for such problem to take place is either use of non updated application edition or due to corruption of iphoto library folder.

How to fix iphoto library and iphoto won’t open issues?
In order to troubleshoot iphoto library will not open or accessed issues, a new library is to be first of all created and the photo then on be imported to the new library. This is comparatively safer to try so as to restore lost photo, as there is nothing to loose from a corrupt library. If recovery could be done, it’s definitely good; if not backup and restore options are always there for help.

To do so, first of all exit all application associated files and process and open iphoto while holding the option button and then create new library option is selected. Thereupon, navigate from there to home folder and select the folder and start copying it. After this is done the new library folder could be seen under user’s home folder, this is likely to bring back all your photos. However, some may be missing and that could be located by restoring from the actual storage location.

Besides, that if these do not help you to restore all or most of the photos from library folder, iphoto library recovery software is to be used. It scans the library folder exhaustively to locate and extract photo file and safely retrieve them. It supports safe and accurate recovery from library folder, in cases iphoto or its library won’t open.