Easily export iPhoto to Picasa in a few easy steps

iPhoto is one of the most popular photo management utilities that Mac has provided its users. It is becoming more and more widely accepted with each passing day. It boasts of an user friendly graphical user interface that makes it possible for the user to edit, import or organize the pictures without any difficulties. However, it is a bit difficult if you are considering to share the pictures with your near and dear ones. But one can easily export iPhoto to Picasa in a few easy steps.

Mac users can easily share their photos fro m the iPhoto library because the Picasa Web albums provides bulk photo uploader for Mac systems. This means that one can easily export iPhoto to Picasa in a few steps.

  • Go to Picasa homepage and download Picasa. You must have a Google account for this.
  • When you have finished downloading and installing Picasa application, download the Mac Uploader.
  • When both Picasa and the Mac uploader have been downloaded and installed successfully, open the iPhoto application
  • Now select the pictures that you want to share. Click on Share, then on Export in the iPhoto navigation bar.
  • In the Export Photos window, select Picasa Web. Create a new album and enter necessary information about it. You also have the option to let your album be visible to only those people who are specifically invited by you by making the album unlisted. The albums that are listed can be seen by anybody and everybody.
  • Now click on Export. Give the Google account information and export iPhoto to Picasa.
  • When you want to share these with your friends you can send the URL of any particular Picasa album to them.

The process is quite simple but make sure that you do not commit any mistakes as it can lead to the corruption of the iPhoto library making all the images stored in it inaccessible. However, to get rid of the problem you can use iPhoto library software that can recover the inaccessible images from the iPhoto library.