How to resolve iPhoto error 10828?

IPhoto is an application provided by Apple for its users who use the Mac OSX. It has made the task of photo management an easy one as you get the privilege of accessing your precious pictures whenever and wherever you want to in a systematic way. It is used for maintaining, sharing, printing, importing and editing digital pictures. It is therefore, judged by its users as the best photo management and editing system. Various add-ons that are facilitated in the application make it apt for clicking pictures with precision and with added effects in the image. However, sometimes you encounter error messages like iPhoto error 10828.

If the error is not resolved soon you may face inaccessibility and data loss situations leading to those precious pictures of yours gone forever. You may encounter error messages like

“iPhoto error -10828: “Cannot open iPhoto to import or access photos””

The possible causes of the error are many but the major reasons are corruption of iPhoto application or damage to the iPhoto folder. Because of the iPhoto folder corruption, one cannot view the pictures as they become inaccessible. The error message appears very frequently on the screen. The error appears when an attempt is made to access the pictures or if you try to open the iPhoto folder.

The error makes all the pictures inaccessible and also makes it vulnerable to getting extinct forever. One can recover the images from the iPhoto application by using efficient and reliable third party iPhoto library recovery software to efficiently recover the images without losing any. You could also try using the “Rebuild iPhoto Library” which is a tool provided in the iPhoto application that helps to recover the pictures from the iPhoto library. However, it has limited capabilities which do not enable you to recover the images. Therefore, it is better to use efficient software for the same.