Guide to solve color problems in iPhoto.

IPhoto is an application developed and marketed by Apple Inc. that has made the world of digital photography a lot more interesting. However, it gives its users certain problems regarding the color of the pictures. This comes as a surprise when for its users. They face color problems in iPhoto. If you are clicking the pictures without the flash in a shade, the images would have a bluish tone and if you take them indoors, then it would have a yellowish tone if taken near the lamp.

You could also use the iPhoto Enhance button for correcting the color of the pictures. However, it is not a complete solution for the problem. When the ‘Enhance’ button is clicked, the changes that were made in the Adjust Palette are shown by iPhone. Using the fine tune or the slider, the picture color is corrected.

Alternatively, you can use the small eyedropper icon on the left of the Tint Slider. For using this, you need to locate the area on the image that is dark and needs to be brightened up, then click on it to let iPhoto automatically adjust the tint of the image. If you do not like the changes that are made- you can undo (Ctrl + Z) the changes.

How to correct color problems in iPhoto when all the aforementioned steps fail to solve the problem? If all solutions fail then it is but obvious that your iPhoto images have got corrupt leading to the color problems. In such a situation, you need to make use of third party software for iPhoto library recovery which can efficiently recover all the data and files saved on the iPhone without losing any of them. It can recover data after all types of data corruption reasons because it uses strong scanning algorithms to ensure complete iPhoto recovery.