Cannot import iPhoto library to aperture 3? Guidelines to get rid of the problem

Have you considered importing the iPhoto library to Aperture? Doing the import would let all the metadata to stay in place but anything you do with the pictures is reflected in the Aperture. Aperture provides a number of features and also provides access to Flickr, MobileMe, FaceBook, email, etc easily and with a click of the mouse. But there are also problems in importing the images. Are you one of those thousands of people who cannot import iPhoto library to aperture 3 and encountering an error message like the following?

"Importing libraries from versions earlier than iPhoto 7.1.5 is not supported. Please upgrade your iPhoto library with iPhoto 7.1.5 or later"

"There is not enough free space on your Aperture Library Volume to import the selected items. It is estimated that you need at least an additional 1451 MB of space."

If you cannot import iPhoto library to aperture 3 then first of all you need to backup and rebuild the library. Hold the Command and Alt keys while you launch iPhoto and then rebuild the iPhoto using the rebuilding dialog. Choose Rebuild iPhoto library Database from the automatic backup.

You can also download the iPhoto Library Manager and use the rebuild function. It would make a new library that is based on the data in the albumdata.xml file. This would bring everything like the albums and the keywords, faces, places, etc except the slideshows, books, calendars, etc.

Moreover, there are also chances that when you import and fail to do so as you cannot import iPhoto library to aperture 3 then you need to use an efficient and reliable third party iPhoto library recovery tool that can recover the entire data stored on the iPhoto library and help you get rid of any data loss situations. It makes use of strong scanning algorithms that help in the recovery of the data.