More information on iPhoto Recovery

  Unlock iPhoto library easily

11th October 2011

There are several reasons that give rise to error messages indicating that the iPhoto library has got locked. Unlock iPhoto library in a few easy steps and access the data stored in it without any hassles.   Read more..

  Easily export iPhoto to Picasa

30th September 2011

One can export iPhoto to Picasa easily but it is also necessary that absolute discretion in the process is exercised so as to not make the images inaccessible due to corruption of the library.   Read more..

  How to lock album iPhoto?

23rd September 2011

One needs to lock album iPhoto to access to some or all the images stored in the iPhoto library from prying eyes. Follow a few simple steps for the same.   Read more..

  Fix iPhoto diet error

15th September 2011

iPhoto diet error may appear due to several reasons like corruption of the iPhoto database or any bug in the iPhoto AppleScript database. Fix the error as soon as possible because the error leads to the inaccessibility of the images stored on the library.   Read more..

  Fix cannot import iPhoto library to aperture 3 issue

7th September 2011

There are several instances when one cannot import iPhoto library to aperture 3 leading to problems for the user. Fix the issue in a few easy steps.   Read more..

  How to create iPhoto slideshow and share with other devices

26th August 2011

When you create iPhoto slideshow you cannot share it with others and go for iPhoto slideshow export until you follow a few simple steps for the same.   Read more..

  Copy photos from an iPhoto to an iPhone

19th August 2011

Copy photos from an iPhoto to an iPhone to save the entire data in the iPhoto library from getting lost permanently due to any reason. Copying the data on the iPhone can avoid such a situation.   Read more..

  Recover photos after iPhoto crash

8th August 2011

Recover photos from damaged memory card after iPhoto crash because the crash of the application leads to the inaccessibility of the entire data stored on the memory card of the digital camera.  Read more..

  Rebuild iPhoto corrupt database

1st August 2011

IPhoto corrupt database can lead to the loss of all the images stored on the iPhoto application when you try to upgrade or migrate iPhoto to another version. However, the issue can be fixed easily with a few easy steps or with an efficient tool.   Read more..

  Fix iPhoto Facebook problems

23rd JULY 2011

Resolve iPhoto Facebook problems in a few easy steps so that you can clean the hard drive or delete the pictures from the iPhoto library without any effect on those very pictures on FaceBook.   Read more..

  Fix iPhoto faces not working issue

16th JULY 2011

IPhoto face recognition not working is a common problem that can be fixed by following a few steps. Fix the issue as soon as possible to start using the application normally.   Read more..

  Fix Time machine backup failure

8th JULY 2011

Time machine backup failure is encountered due to several reasons; however, the major reason for the failure remains the interruption in the backup process. Due to this the backup cannot be created which can lead to data loss situations due to any problems in the iPhoto library when the pictures get inaccessible or are lost.   Read more..

  Restore iPhoto from time machine

1st JULY 2011

One can restore iPhoto from time machine backup with a few easy steps. However, if one is not successful then third party iPhoto library recovery software can be used that can recover the entire data from the iPhoto library from a valid and clean backup.   Read more..

  Recover images lost while sharing iPhoto library on network

24th June 2011

One can easily share iPhoto library across network but if the iPhoto library is corrupt then the sharing is not possible with all the pictures getting inaccessible. Use iPhoto library recovery software to recover all the lost images due to the corruption of the iPhoto library.   Read more..

  Fix iPhoto 11 problems during upgrade

17th June 2011

IPhoto 11 problems are faced by innumerable iPhoto users worldwide. These problems appear while upgrading from an older version to the iPhoto 11 version when all the images stored in the iPhoto library disappear.   Read more..

  Resolve “The Volume for JPEG cannot be found” error

9th June 2011

The Volume for JPEG Cannot be Found is an error message that is encountered when one tries to view pictures on the iphoto but is unable to do so even though the thumbnails for the images are still present.   Read more..

  What after iPhoto Library Missing after Snow Leopard Upgrade?

31st MAY 2011

If you have encountered a situation like “iPhoto Library Missing After Snow Leopard Upgrade” then you do not need to lose heart because you can recover and restore the pictures with the help of an efficient software that recovers the entire data from a valid and updated backup.   Read more..

  Resolve iPhoto library import problem successfully

23rd MAY 2011

Sometimes an iPhoto user encounters problems in the iphoto library import because of problems in the Applescript. The problem is encountered when a newer version of iPhoto is installed over the previous one without deleting the previously installed one completely. Fix the issue as soon as possible to be able to import pictures properly.   Read more..

  Easily fix iPhoto Unreadable File Error

13 MAY 2011

iPhoto Unreadable File Error is encountered when one tries to import images from the iPhoto to some other system. Fix the issue manually by checking the type of file you are trying to import, free disk space on the hard drive or other reasons. Make sure you fix the error for the flawless performance of the application.   Read more..

  Recover deleted iPhoto events images

6 MAY 2011

iPhoto events is a feature of iPhoto that lets you categorize your pictures and photos based on the date of creation. Exercise discretion while deleting any of the pictures from the application otherwise only an efficient tool can recover the pictures from a valid backup.   Read more..

  Get rid of exclamation mark in iPhoto

18th APRIL 2011

Resolve the exclamation mark in iPhoto error by using an efficient tool or by rebuilding the iPhoto library manually. Perform the necessary steps quickly to remove the error because it makes the pictures stored in the iPhoto inaccessible.   Read more..

  Facial recognition in iPhoto ’09

9th APRIL 2011

Facial recognition in iPhoto is a software that is capable of recognizing and identifying and verifying a person frm a video fame or a digital image. However, when the pictures get corrupt, accessibility to the pictures is lost making it essential to use iPhoto library software.   Read more..

  Guide to solve color problems in iPhoto

1st APRIL 2011

Color problems in iPhoto are a major problem faced by its users worldwide. You can fix the problem easily manually by going through easy steps but if it is not fixed then try removing any corruption issues.   Read more..

  Remove Spinning Beach ball of Death in iPhoto

25th MARCH 2011

When the Mac OSX is busy performing some processor intensive task with limited free disk space or RAM or if iPhoto has got corrupt, you face problems in accessing the iPhoto application with Spinning Beach ball of Death for quite some time. Resolve the issue as soon as possible.   Read more..

  How to resolve iPhoto error 10828?

19th MARCH2011

iPhoto error 10828 occurs when the iPhoto library gets corrupt or damaged due to some reasons. Use the “Rebuild iPhoto Library” tool to recover the pictures; however, it is not an efficient method for the recovery. Therefore, if the error is not fixed then use alternative measures.   Read more..

  How to clean up iPhoto library?

8th MARCH2011

If you store thousands of pictures in your iPhoto library then there are chances that over time it would get slow with sluggish performance results. In such a situation, you need to clean iPhoto in a few simple steps.  Read more..

  Move iPhoto library to a new location.

28th FEBRUARY 2011

Move iPhoto library to a new location to avoid losing all your precious pictures saved in the library. This ensures that the images are stored at some other location such as DVD or external hard disk. .  Read more..

  Use iPhoto Library Manager to manage iPhoto Library

24th FEBRUARY 2011

iPhoto used on mac system is truly a relying application so far proper as well as safe management of photo in its library folder is concerned. Still, it may sound bitter, but is true is that error do come in the way of accessing the library post which it is found to be corrupt after displaying different error messages. These are generally encountered post upgradation of iLife suite of iphoto application.  Read more..

  Resolution for error “you have made changes to your photo library using a newer version of iphoto”

22nd DECEMBER 2010

iPhoto used on mac system is truly a relying application so far proper as well as safe management of photo in its library folder is concerned. Still, it may sound bitter, but is true is that error do come in the way of accessing the library post which it is found to be corrupt after displaying different error messages. These are generally encountered post upgradation of iLife suite of iphoto application.  Read more..

  How to fix iphoto library error code 36 while copying folder?

16th DECEMBER 2010

Whichever device, application or system you use due to widespread uncertainties they may come across unexpected data loss situation and this is why having backup is ought to be necessary. If any time the data and files are deleted, is lost, missing or goes corrupt and inaccessible, it can easily be restored with the help of backed up data.  Read more..

  How to copy iphoto library to external drive and fix for iphoto won’t copy error

13th DECEMBER 2010

iPhoto offers several advanced features that help manage photos with ease besides that facility of editing; importing sharing and printing photos further makes this a great utility. Users often face difficulty in accessing photos, importing or copy from it as such the very attempt stops there itself throwing error messages as such ‘iphoto library won’t copy’ and depending upon the observed issue the library files may even become inaccessible.   Read more..

  Fix unreadable iphoto library folder photos

2nd DECEMBER 2010

iPhoto software application is exclusively meant for Mac OS X systems and it provided with skilled and equipped features that perfectly does the task of photo management. Importing, sharing, organizing, editing as well as printing of digital photo has become quite simple with the use of iphoto. Still, it is not an exception so far the problem of library corruption is concerned thus making it necessary to fix iphoto library.   Read more..

  Resolution for iphoto photos missing & iphoto library empty issues

25th NOVEMBER 2010

iphoto included in iLife suite is an advanced and easy to use photo management utility that saves the photos in library folder. Though the functionalities of the very application is quite sophisticated issue do occur unknowingly, which ultimately cost their valuable photos. In this context several issues have been reported by users in which iphoto photos missing i.e. photos are missing from iphoto library. The pictures which have been imported to the library previously either could be located or are in inaccessible form. This may be the issue with all of group of files imported at a time.   Read more..

  How to access library folder photos when iphoto library won’t open

18th NOVEMBER 2010

iphoto despite of being an advanced and reliable application faces critical problems, which at times is difficult to be fixed and often leads to critical data loss situations. Most of all any such problem is not restricted to particular iphoto version of iphoto that means even on upgrading the application or using the most advanced versions does not mean that your organized photos is actually safe and would remain to be like that. Since it is quite possible for a user to come across a situation in which he finds that iphoto library won’t open.   Read more..

  Fix iphoto error unrecognized format and repair iphoto library

29th OCTOBER 2010

The photos stored in iphoto library folder usually comprises of JPEG formats of raw images. This could be known the very first time RAW image is edited in iphoto’s main window as that is the time entire raw badge flow appears. It is the time changes are being made in RAW image to comply with the edits. Here edition in raw photo and its conversion to jpeg format is simultaneously carried out. Advanced functionalities of iphoto allow inclusion of different formats into the folder and thereon its export to a format completely different from what it originally was.   Read more..

  About iphoto library folder and iphoto library location

22nd OCTOBER 2010

Photos imported to iphoto and all those created albums, slideshows, cards and other library information are saved in one iphoto library folder. While an action like that of, importing photos or so is performed, iphoto organizes all those within the folder while keeping track of these details. In addition to it, numbers of data files are created by iphoto for specific photos, all of which is saved in the same folder. Entire details about organization of photos in albums with it associated title; keyword, ratings and any other detail specified are present in iphoto library location.   Read more..

  Fix for an error occurred while trying to save your photo library

13th OCTOBER 2010

iPhoto application is widely used by Mac OS X users to manage photos, as this along with photo management offers several other functions like that of importing and sharing images, which have become like more or less everyday activity for people. But, as it is known howsoever reliable an application may be, any problem say iphoto error, even arising once while can lead to irreparable damage and loss of customized data.   Read more..

  Rebuild photo library iphoto and thumbnails

6th OCTOBER 2010

Apple’s iLife Suite comprises of iphoto which is one of the advanced photo management tool exclusively designed to work on Macintosh operating system. With iphoto importing photos, either it’s from digital camera/camcorder; scanners or whatsoever is relatively easy and very simply they can be sorted and organized on the basis of tags. It is counted as one of the robust program, yet all of us know that failures are just hard to be escaped from. In different situations one or another complexity may arise in iphoto, this is the time you need to rebuild iphoto library.   Read more..

  Fix for the iphoto library is locked on a locked disk error message

29th SEPTEMBER 2010

No doubt iphoto is an advanced and reliable photo management utility, however there remains behind number of issues which are faced from time to time due to which there is high risk of loosing library stored pictures. Crashing of iphoto is the most common problems and this is not limited to any particular edition, even latest iphoto viz. 8.0 and 9.0 are likely to come across the issue. As in one such situation, in which iphoto crashes unexpectedly due to which it has to be quit forcefully.  Read more..

  Recover deleted files iphoto – restoring lost iphoto files

23rd SEPTEMBER 2010

Many a times, by mistake photos stored on system are accidentally deleted and thus lost. This and several other reasons including accidental formatting or memory card or hard drive accounts for loss of images. If such a situation arises in front of you, things become completely problematic and the need to recover those arises. Iphoto in Mac system provides the utility to manage photo in a better yet safer way. In spite of this, sometimes things go wrong which gives rise to iphoto photo loss situation. Then in order to recover deleted files iphoto, high end recovery application is required.   Read more..

  Repair corrupted iphoto library

15th SEPTEMBER 2010

Mac system come included with iLife application suite comprising of iphoto that does the task of importing, editing, organizing, printing and sharing photos. Several secure and reliable functions have been included in it that not only makes it easy to be used but also provides safe means of data storage. Although, there may come a situation in which you have to deal with corrupt iphoto library, since there are number of scenarios and reasons that one time or another lead to troubles therein upon which using the very application or accessing photos from it is not possible and the very need to repair iphoto library.   Read more..