recover iPhoto Library folders

Do you want to recover iPhoto library folders?
Is there any way for iPhoto library folders recovery?

iPhoto is perfect photo management tool. Whenever you upload your photos they all are stored in a library folder where software organize and keeps track of their specific locations. While their organization, software also create some metadata which helps in their organization. These are stored in the same folder as the photos. While you are working with iPhoto application, you don’t actually go in to the library folder itself rather than you simply use software interface. In the iPhoto library, you will find few files and folders.

iPhoto 5 and earlier version of iPhoto store photos in the library folder itself but in the later version of Apple iPhoto application, folder contains subfolders also which are categorized by year and then year folders are categorized by months and another classified in to 31 subfolders for each day of the month. In the “day” subfolder your actual photo store.

iPhoto 08 and later version of this application create AlbumData2.xml folder which is to store data on the albums and events in the library folder but not the photo themselves. In this version or later one also there is folder named Cache which contains additional data which is needed by the iPhoto library.

These are the important folder so it should not be deleted but if accidentally, you have deleted any one of the folder then you might not be able to view your photo and may you lost them. So to get back them you need iPhoto library folders recovery. For this you can take help from third party tool called iPhoto recovery software. This is well efficient and professional one which will recover iPhoto library folders and save out your iPhoto library and photo contain to them. This software support iPhoto application of different versions like iPhoto 09, iPhoto 08, iPhoto 6 etc.

User Guide

Step One

Launch iPhoto Library Recovery Software

Step Two

Now select volume for recovery of deleted iphoto files

Step Three

Select file type

Step Four

Now Start Scan

Step Five

After scanning Softwrae recovers all deleted files including trashed one. From here restore files which you want at your specified location.