iPhoto Recovery Software | Ultimate Solution To Corrupted iPhoto's Data

Looking for an efficient iPhoto Recovery Software as have deleted some of the precious pictures in iPhotos app?? Now though have tried number of methods regarding the particular purpose but just unable to recover the lost or corrupted iPhoto's data ? If your answer is 'Affirmative' to all the afore-stated questions then in that situation you are kindly advised to focus on the set forth posted article as it includes proven working solution to such troubles. The set forth posted article besides also includes iPhoto recovery solution to the scenario in which one has some items failing to get transferred meanwhile a sync-up and he/she is not finding the files either in the iPhoto or his/her device like iPad, iPhone or camera memory card etc.

Before proceeding towards to the iPhoto recovery procedure, it is literally very essential for the users to firstly understand what iPhoto actually is.

Being crafted by Apple Inc., iPhoto is actually a discontinued digital photograph manipulation software application designed for enabling the importation of several pictures from digital cameras or local storage devices such as DVDs, CDs, USB flash drive and hard drives to a user's iPhoto library. Technologists have reported iPhoto supporting most commonly image file formats, including even various Raw image formats and several videos from cameras. iPhoto besides from this, furnishes the Mac users with number of efficient features. Now although because of such functionalities, the application at the initial glance appears applicable, however often become a troublemaker at the time when get corrupted, rendering all it's data completely inaccessible to the users. So, in a case if encountering such issues, it is advised not to get worried instead just follow the solutions mentioned below :

Manual Solution
Automatic Solution


  • Look up iPhoto Trash

  • This method of iPhoto recovery has been referred one of the best alternative to the most reputed iPhoto Recovery Software.

    In iPhoto, there is actually a Trash Bin located in the left sidebar. So, if had deleted the some items, check out the Trash. If have clicked 'Empty Trash', do not get panic as the file would have gone to the system Trash Bin which commonly located in the Dock, so look up there also. In a case of finding out them their, recover them via tapping the 'Pull Back' option.

  • Check the iPhoto Library

  • iPhoto has been crafted in a manner that stores all it's items in it's library. So, one can access that particular folder easily to check if the lost files are there or not.

    Regarding this specific purpose, initially on the desktop, tap Go > Computer > Macintosh HD > Users > your username > Pictures > Photos Library. Now make right-click it and select 'Show Package Contents' and open the 'Master' folder. Here, the user might find his/her images or videos.

  • Repair & Restore missing items via Library First Aid

  • Library First Aid is actually a function crafted by Apple for rebuilding or repairing his/her library.

    Regarding iPhoto recovery, you are kindly advised to watch the set forth video as step-by-step instructions shown in it have been proven guaranteed working in recovering the corrupted iPhotos data.

  • Use third-party iPhoto Recovery Software

  • In a case if have attempted if have attempted all the above stated methods and still not able to find the deleted or lost items, then making usage of third-party iPhoto recovery software would be the best solution to such scenario. There a widely available utilities out there, here are five highly efficient programs worth giving a shot.

    Software Name Screenshots Free/Paid Rating Get Software
    iskysoft.com iPhoto Recovery Software
    Stellar Phoenix iPhoto Mac Data Recovery Software
    EaseUS iPhoto Recovery Software
    Data Rescue 4 iPhoto Recovery Software
    Remo iPhoto Recovery Software


    iskysoft.com iPhoto Recovery Software (A Free Solution To Corrupted iPhoto Recovery)

    Regarding recovery of deleted photos in iPhoto, iskysoft.com iPhoto Recovery Software has been referred as one of the most efficient as well as capable iPhoto recovery program which can very easily recover the iPhoto library as well as can efficiently perform iPhoto trash recovery. No matter because of whatsoever reasons, photos would have lost from the Mac system, this software enables the users to get them back in just a few clicks. Download it's trial version below :

    Characteristics Features of iskysoft.com iPhoto Recovery Software

    • Easily retrieves the lost or deleted files, audio, photos, music as well as emails from any storage device efficiently, safely and completely.
    • Supports retrieval of data for sudden formatting, deletion, hard drive corruption, system crash, virus attack under distinct situations.
    • Supports data recovery from hard drive, recycle bin, , flash drive, memory card, camcorders and digital camera.
    • Preview before recovery enables users to make a selective retrieval.
    • Supported OS : Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8, 10.9, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.10,10.11 El Capitan, 10.12 Sierra on several Mac devices.

    System Requirement

    CPU Intel Core 1GHz or faster
    RAM 1 GB or more
    Supported OS Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.9.5, 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.11 (El Capitan) and 10.12 (macOS Sierra)
    File System- HFS+, HFSX, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT and NTFS


    Easy Steps To iPhoto Recovery By Using iskysoft.com iPhoto Recovery Software

    Step 1 : Initially download and install iskysoft.com iPhoto Recovery Software for Mac on your Mac system. After this make selection of the file types which is to get restored. Tap 'Next' button.

    Step 2 : Make selection of the location where the file has been lost. One can also check out the storage space of each hard disk in this window. Tap 'Start' button for continuing the scanning procedure.

    Step 3 : Lastly, make double click on the retrievable data for previewing the quality and contents. Check out the files and tap 'Recover' button for restored and saving them.

    Customer's Reviews

    I accidentally deleted some of my photos from iPhoto app. It was actually too late before I realized it. Tried iskysoft.com iPhoto Recovery Software and got all my lost photos back. A really nice app !!


    My mate mistakenly deleted all his photos from iPhoto app while installing Bootcamp. Though attempted several measures regarding the retrieval of lost photos but just unable to do so. Then luckily got advised by a senior to make usage of iskysoft.com iPhoto Recovery Software and thus recovered the desired data. Really an appreciated iPhoto Recovery Software.


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    Stellar Phoenix iPhoto Mac Data Recovery Software (Top Most Ranked iPhoto Recovery Program)

    Stellar iPhoto Mac Data Recovery Software is a professional photo recovery software which do offers a wide range of helpful features for letting the users pull their respective data back from the inaccessible volume. Being programmed with number of highly efficient as well as enhance algorithmic skill, this software do includes potential of very easily recovering the deleted/lost/formatted photos from iPhoto application.

    Characteristics Features of Stellar Phoenix iPhoto Mac Data Recovery Software

    • Facilitates photo recovery from enciphered iPhoto application.
    • Easy-to-use iPhoto recovery program.
    • Efficiently recovers the whole lost iPhoto library.
    • Preview found iPhotos photos originally before retrieval.

    System Requirement

    Processor Intel
    Supported OS macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6
    Memory 1 GB Minimum
    Hard Disk 50 MB of free space


    Instructions To Corrupted iPhoto Recovery by using Stellar Phoenix iPhoto Mac Data Recovery Software

    Step 1 : Firstly download and install Stellar iPhoto Mac Data Recovery Software. Here select particular drive or partition from which the data recovery has to actually take place. Click 'Recover Data', make selection of 'Quick or Advance Scan' and then tap 'Start Scan'.

    Step 2 :A window will get shown displaying the progress of quick recovery scanning process.

    Step 3 :Make selection of 'File Type View'. After this, file list will get displayed. Search for the desired files and click 'OK' upon the completion of the scanning procedure.

    Step 4 : A window will get shown displaying the preview of the files after scanning.

    Step 5 : Make selection of files regarding recovery. Here single or multiple files can get selected. Further then, tap 'Recover' button for starting recovery process.

    Step 6 : Next make selection of destination for saving the recovered file.

    Step 7 : A message box will get shown enticing users into checking whether the data saving destination is same or not from where the data has been actually lost. Now here in a case of being completely sure about the destination path, tap 'Process Anyway'.

    Step 8 : A screen will get displayed showing the saving procedure at the desired location.

    Customer's Reviews

    In the case of Stellar iPhoto Mac Data Recovery Software, the ultimate WOW factor is the easy and quick recovery of deleted files from a corrupted iPhoto library.


    I purchased the product i.e., Stellar iPhoto Mac Data Recovery Software and ran it and it recovered my lost iPhotos data... and the best part is that all my retrieved files are working properly. Good product as well as service !!


    EaseUS iPhoto Recovery Software (Second Ranked iPhoto Recovery Program)

    EaseUS iPhoto Recovery Software undoubtedly works appreciably in the recovery of corrupted iPhoto data from iMac, MacBook and many other Mac devices. It via it's interactive interface as well as powerful recovery engine makes the iPhoto recovery procedure very simple to the users. It besides from this, also retrieves files such as documents, videos, and archive files from Mac.

    Characteristics Features of EaseUS iPhoto Recovery Software

    • Includes a simple as well as interactive user interface.
    • Recover iPhoto data lost because of formatting, virus contamination, deletion, improper operation, software crash and several other unfamiliar reasons.
    • Supports wide range of iPhoto's file type.

    System Requirements

    CPU At least 1GHz
    Disk Space At least 32 MB
    Supported OS macOS 10.12 (Sierra), Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10 (Yosemite), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.7 (Lion), 10.6 (Snow Leopard)
    Supported Languages English, Italiano, Deutsch, Français, Português, Español


    Stepwise Instruction To iPhoto Recovery by using EaseUS iPhoto Recovery Software

    Step 1 : Initially download and install EaseUS iPhoto Recovery Software. Launch it onto your Mac system. It has been proven completely safe and never causes any sort of damage to the system's drive. Now make selection of the file type which is to get recover.

    Step 2 : From where the file has been exactly lost ? Make selection of a drive, tap 'Scan' to find out the lost files. Here one can also choose to extract data from iTunes backup on the Mac system.

    Step 3 : Upon the completion of the scanning procedure, one can easily change the file display via tapping Path, Type and Time. Preview enables the users to check out the data quality in advance. Select the desired folders & files and then further save them via tapping 'Recover'

    Customer's Reviews

    After attempting several method to recover the corrupted iPhoto files from my Mac device, I came across your site and the free trial was seriously the best. I was able to see all my files were yet intact and retrievable. One of the best money I spent on software in a long time. Thanks a lot!!


    Efficiently recover my vital data from iPhoto app which has got unfortunately corrupted. EaseUS iPhoto Recovery Software is really the best !!


    Data Rescue 4 iPhoto Recovery Software (Third Ranked iPhoto Recovery Program)

    Data Rescue 4 iPhoto Recovery Software has been rated one of the best iPhoto Recovery Software for over a decade because of it's updated innovative as well as powerful features. With enhanced support for numerous file formats such as JP2, PSD, PSP, GIF, Tiff, BMP, JPEG and more, this software has best bet for recovery of of deleted photos from Mac iPhoto app after a huge data loss disaster. Along with recovering missing photos, this iPhoto recovery software also efficiently enables the Mac users to retrieve deleted/lost music collections, Podcasts and inaccessible video files from a variety of digital media including USB storage devices, digital cameras, SD cards, iPods, Zip Disks and Mac based hard drives.

    Characteristics Features of Data Rescue 4 iPhoto Recovery Software

    • Improved iPhoto Mac data recovery for HFS+, FAT32, ExFAT and NTFS based systems.
    • Recover photos, audios and videos of distinct formats such as HD-MOV files, MXF movies and Adobe EPS.
    • Furnishes photo recovery program from enciphered iPhoto application.
    • Improved scanning engine quickly scans the iPhoto app with enormous magnitude of capacities.

    System Requirements

    Processor Intel
    Disk Space At least 32 GB
    Supported OS Mac OS X 10.4.11 – 10.7.5


    Instructions To iPhoto Recovery By Using Data Rescue 4 iPhoto Recovery Software

    Step 1 : Download and install Data Rescue 4 iPhoto Recovery Software.

    Step 2 : You will get it's welcome page providing you with basic task options to choose from and enabling the users to easily perform a scan or recovery.

    Step 3 : Data Rescue 4 enables the users to see which of the drives are available for them to work with and which are not.

    Step 4 : It furnishes the users with three distinct scanning options, which he/she can choose depending his/her requirements. Or one can create a clone of his/her data for protecting against future system failure or accidental file deletion.

    Step 5 : Data Rescue 4 highly simple as well as interactive interface makes it literally easy for the users to view the progress of a scan and get an approx idea of how much time has left.

    Step 6 : With Data Rescue 4, one can easily create a data clone as it enables the users to choose exactly where he/she wants the clone to get stored.

    Step 7 : Data Rescue 4 enables the users to watch the progress bar to see how long a clone will take for the data he/she want to copy.

    Step 8 : The software includes a general settings page enabling users to adjust notifications and update alerts.

    Step 9 : Enhanced users can easily tailor a variety of scan engine preferences for getting the most out of the procedure.

    Step 10 : Enhanced users can review logs out of several scan engine actions to ensure the task accuracy and for reviewing any sort of automated functions.

    Step 11 : Data Rescue 4 do include a built-in help function with extensive information regarding every aspect of the application, so that the user can easily get the answer for his/her each questions in case if he/she feels confused while utilizing it.

    Customer's Reviews

    A big thank to the developer of Data Rescue 4 iPhoto Recovery Software for crafting such an efficient photo recovery program including potential of very easily and quickly retrieving the iPhoto's data lost/deleted or corrupted because of the occurrence of any sort of unfortunate scenario.


    Data Rescue 4 iPhoto Recovery Software quickly retrieves my lost vital data from iPhoto app stored in my Mac system. Now since the data was literally very crucial to me, so a big thank to it's developer.


    Remo iPhoto Recovery Software (Fourth Ranked iPhoto Recovery Program)

    Being programmed with numerous highly efficient as well as enhance algorithmic skills, Remo iPhoto Recovery Software has been proven a comprehensive photo recovery program which has literally revolutionized the concept of iPhoto file recovery with most enhance data extraction techniques. It enables the Mac users to easily restores photos on Mac on distinct types such as .bmp, .png, .gif, .jpeg, .tiff, .gif etc. Among all the efficient features of this software, it's compatibility with almost every Mac machine with the referred the best.

    Characteristics Features of Remo iPhoto Recovery Software

    • Built-in deep scanning algorithms for finding out and recovering data from accidentally or mistakenly formatted Mac iPhoto application.
    • Retrieved data can get stored on the basis of name, size, data and file type.
    • Includes ability to easily as well as quickly identifying several file types on the basis of their respective unique signatures.
    • Include option to add/edit new signature for files, that are not listed.

    System Requirements

    RAM 1 GB (Recommended, 2 GB RAM)
    Free Disk Space 50 MB (Regarding Installation)
    Supported OS Mac OS X v 10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X v 10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X v 10.7 Lion and Mac OS X v 10.8 Mountain Lion, Mac OS X v 10.9 Mavericks
    Supports 32bit and 64bit Apple Mac OS X


    Customer's Reviews

    Remo iPhoto Recovery Software efficiently retrieves all my lost and deletes data from iPhoto app without missing even a single one...


    I had restored my 400 GB of data stored in iPhoto. Working Remo iPhoto Recovery Software is really appreciable.


    Final Words

    It is almost sure that all the afore-listed iPhoto recovery software will guaranteed work in the recovery of corrupted iPhoto app but yet among all of them Stellar Phoenix iPhoto Mac Data Recovery Software has been proven the best. This award winning and professional photo recovery software has been recommended by industry experts for it's outstanding capacity of tackling and resolving complicated issues regarding the inaccessibility of digital photos from the corrupted or disrupted iPhoto application. Being embedded with number of highly efficient programming skills, this iPhoto recovery software supports a wide range of file systems. It has been proven compatible with almost all the newest version of Mac OS. One can operate this particular application on distinct Mac machines such as MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air etc.

    Stellar Phoenix iPhoto Mac Data Recovery Software is actually a reliable photo recovery program...!!

    Read only feature ensures safe as well as secure recovery operation since it avoids further loss crisis. Equipped with powerful scanning engine, deeply scans the corrupted iPhoto app and iPhoto library and locates the retrievable data. Enables the users to recover digital media file types such as videos, music files etc. including pictures. Furnishes the Mac users with retrieved items before he/she pay. Regarding completion of iPhoto recovery on Mac utilizing Stellar iPhoto Mac Data Recovery Software, users are not required to have much technical skill since it comes with easy-to-use interface.

    Installation Guide For Stellar Phoenix iPhoto Mac Data Recovery Software

    Step 1 : Firstly download and install Stellar Phoenix iPhoto Mac Data Recovery Software to your Mac system.

    Step 2 : Make double click on the Stellar Phoenix Application .DMG File.

    Step 3 : Lastly drag Stellar Phoenix to your respective Application Folder and Run.